PIT BULL ALIEN KOMPOUND - GROWLER AT/Extra 1.9 R/C Scale Tires // 2 Foams - 2pcs


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PIT BULL® ALIEN Kompound - GROWLERTM AT/ExtraTM 1.9 R/C Scale Tires // (2) Two Tires per packet with (2) Two-Foams & (1) Decal sheet:

Our ALIEN Kompound is Super Sticky, but unlike other sticky tires (Stickier than Alien Snot!!!)...our ALIEN Kompound is also super resilient...just like Alien Spaceship debris.

The Growler AT/Extra Scale R/C 1.9's are miniaturized versions of the Winning Pit Bull Growler LT 1:1 tires. For those of you with 1:1 Pit Bull Growlers on your rigs...and have been wanting to pimp out your Scale R/C's with some Pits...here 'ya go!!!
Our multi-varied directional tread design allows for a directional look with non-directional functionality. These R/C Scale Growlers have many features designed to increase control while enhancing stability and contact patch.
Excellent lateral bite--incredible stickiness and exceptional traction. You'll be seeing this Bad Mammer Jammer on the podium very soon...

ALIEN KompoundTM - Stickier than Alien Snot!!! We have used our Alien contacts to come up with the super grippiest, space hippiest, long-lasting stuff you've ever seen.

Multi-varied Unique Tread Blocks - our designs are not just about looks...they serve a purpose with their multiple varied lugs, edges and sipes. These help to maximize traction especially in off-camber situations.

Inside ribbing - provides sidewall support and stability.

Thicker Beads - provide more meat for Beadlocks to bite on...LIKE OUR 8-BOLTTM BEADLOCK RIMS.

Integrated Sidewall Protectors - sidewall bands of rubber that add support and control.

Alternating Center Lugs - increase biting edges for improved traction.

Sipes - they look like the real deal and help increase traction.

Over-the-shoulder lugs - that wrap down the sidewall and add extra strength & traction to the shoulder & sidewall areas.

4.75 inch Unmounted Diameter* - puts these puppies in the "WOW Spot" for most Scale rigs. *Dimensions may vary depending on mounted rim used.

Tires come (2) to a packet w/decals - yes, we include a cool decal sheet.

Foam included - Yes we did!!! (2) Two - 2 stage foams designed to accentuate the performance of our 1.9 Growler Scale tires. Should be usable with other tire brands as well.


Made in Taiwan - yes we went overseas for production of these RC tires. Taiwan is a hybrid democracy, so we don't feel too bad about it.

Part# PB9006AK - PIT BULL® ALIEN KompoundTM GROWLERTM AT/ExtraTM 1.9 R/C Scale Tires // W/FOAM

(2) Two Tires and (2) Two Foams per packet & (1) Decal sheet.

"GrowlerTM 1.9 Scale R/C - Inspired by the 1:1 LT Growler® design."


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PIT BULL ALIEN KOMPOUND - GROWLER AT/Extra 1.9 R/C Scale Tires // 2 Foams - 2pcs

PIT BULL ALIEN KOMPOUND - GROWLER AT/Extra 1.9 R/C Scale Tires // 2 Foams - 2pcs